2 Medevacs On The Same Day, The First One Was An All Female Crew

We did 2 medevacs on the same day, the first one was an all female crew!
1. Captains Anna supervised by Olivia for Anna’s instrument flying, + 2 promedics Celine and Charlotte. Little Kenny our 2 month old patient from Ambrym had a respiratory infection so we had to fly low around the islands of Paama and Epi at 500ft so Kenny could get enough oxygen. We have received news that he survived! 💕💕
2. After Ambrym, Olivia flew to Aniwa to pick up a mama having a difficult pregnancy. The doctor jumped in the truck to the village (about 2km from the airport) and didn’t come back! Olivia waited about an hour at the plane before walking half way to the village to find the truck driving down with the mama and baby and bubu’s in the back looking after them. She gave birth in the bush! Healthy baby but mama still needed attention so Port Vila tower stayed open and we flew home in the dark 🌚🌌 with a full moon and nice weather to guide us home 🛩
Unity Airlines is the only charter operator in Vanuatu rated to fly IFR (in clouds provided the weather is still safe) and at night.
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