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ProMedical Vanuatu

ProMedical sees as its mission to provide reliable, affordable and International standard pre-hospital emergency services to Vanuatu. In doing so, ProMedical augments the underfunded government health system, provides support to the investment and tourism sectors and also guarantees important emergency resources in the event of an immediate or slow onset natural disaster or major incident.

The core values of the ambulance service include adhering to international standards of patient care and equipment, professional staff development, responding to all calls for emergency assistance on a 24-hour basis and accessibility for all.

With a firm belief in education and capacity building, ProMedical is currently training 7 Ni-Vanuatu student paramedics.

ProMedical Services

First Aid Courses

ProMedical deliver first aid courses in Port Vila and Luganville, come learn from people on the front line of emergency medicine.

First Aid Kits

ProMedical sells a wide range first aid kits, you can also sign up for our restocking and monitoring so you never have to worry if your first aid kits are fully stocked and in date.

Medical Support

Do you have a special event or project that needs medical support? ProMedical can provide you with qualified experienced Paramedics.

Our Services

Community Awareness

This amazing video on the importance of CPR was created by Wan Smol Bag. ProMedical provides First Aid Courses and CPR courses as some of our services.

Our Services


ProMedical relies on sponsorship to run. Take a look at some of our sponsors who help us provide medical services to Vanuatu.

AutoPro, Deco Stop, Design Impax, Slient World Shipping, LCM Store, Santo Hardware & Vanuatu Tyres

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