Vanuatu Emergency Medical Services Association

Vanuatu Emergency Medical Services Association is a non-government organisation (NGO) incorporated locally as a charitable association. VEMSA is the governing body of:

  • ProMedical Paramedical Service
  • ProMedical Rescue Volunteer Service

VEMSA sees as its mission to provide reliable and affordable emergency medical services to the communities it services. In doing so VEMSA augments the under-funded government health system, provides support to the investment and tourism sectors and also guarantees important emergency resources in the event of a natural disaster or major incident.

The organisation currently receive no direct funding from the Vanuatu government or any aid agencies, so rely on funding via sponsorship from local businesses and through subscriptions from Ni-Vanuatu, expatriate residents and businesses within the local community.

VEMSA Board Members

Douglas Patterson

Board Chairman

Troy Spann

Board Secretary

Audrey Procter

Board Treasurer

Michael Benjamin

Judi Clelland

Irma Gilford

Zeak Smith

Greg Procter

Yael Sakker

Mark Willie

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