ProRescue is a volunteer service  based in Port Vila.  Its primary role is to assist ProMedical, however it also supplements the Government Emergency services.

ProRescue officers are highly trained individuals with access to the necessary rescue equipment to handle most emergencies.  Area of expertise include:

ProRescue is largely based on Australian SES (State Emergency Service).


ProRescue is made up of 100% volunteers who train every Tuesday and one Saturday a month.  The volunteers come from all walks of life in Port Vila.  80% of members are Ni-Vanuatu.

ProRescue can be best described as a volunteer service that is here to primarily assist ProMedical as well as supplement the Government Emergency services.  Operational members  are highly trained individuals that when called upon, have the skills and resources to assist the community in the time of need.

ProRescue is largely based on Australian SES (State Emergency Service).


  • ProRescue was started mid 2014 as ProMedical Rescue.
  • The initial aim of ProRescue was to provide a Road Crash Rescue service to Port Vila and the island of Efate in Vanuatu.
  • In 2016 ProRescue started training in Vertical Rescue.
  • In 2017 ProRescue started training in Inland Water Rescue which we expanded into rescues in Port Vila Harbour.
  • In 2018 ProRescue began training in Industrial and Domestic Rescue.

How is ProRescue activated

ProRescue is activated by ProMedical.  If ProMedical get an emergency call through the 115 number, and ProRescue’s services are needed, then ProRescue is called.

What ProRescue Do

Road Crash Rescue

This is 90% of ProRescue’s work.  ProRescue has all the extrication equipment required and train extensively to safely remove any trapped person from a road crash.  These are highly coordinated events involving collaboration between the Police, ProMedical Paramedics, the VMF Fire Service and the hospital ambulance.

ProMedical Assistance

ProRescue also assists ProMedical with casualty care, scene control, casualty handling, lighting and ambulance driving when needed.  Especially in mass-casualty incidents.

Vertical Rescue

This involves rescuing anyone from heights or depths.  ProRescue have volunteers trained to use the specialised equipment required to rescue a person from heights (eg. Trapped in a tree) or at depths (eg. Trapped down a fallen cliff or hole)

Harbour Rescue

This is specialised training developed locally to prepare for the rescue of persons following the sinking or capsizing of a marine vessel such as local Banana Boats.  Apart from the lives that could be lost, ProRescue also recognises the important source of income generated to many Ni-Vanuatu boat owners and families from the Cruise Ship industry.

Industrial and Domestic

This involves a very broad range of specialised skills from incidents that may occur in the home, workplace, factory, building site or a farm.

Land Search and USAR

ProRescue has been trained extensively in Land Search and Level 1 USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), and has participated in many training events.

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