Term and Conditions

1. Annual Subscriptions are payable in advance and are not refundable. Cover commences upon receipt of full payment.

2.Some medications and treatments incur additional costs to the subscriber and are not covered under the scheme.

3.The Scheme covers life-threatening and time critical Emergency response only. For non-emergency cases, a medical practitioner or VESA authorized clinician must deem the transport medically necessary to be included under the subscription scheme.

4.Subscribers personal health information and health care record will not be used or shared without written permission and as mandated by Vanuatu Right to Information Act 2016 and the Data protection laws.

5.The Subscription does not cover:

a.) Transport to places other than where the subscriber is expected to receive medical care.
b.) Scheme exclusions, point 3.

6. VESA reserves the right to:

a) Prioritise services in accordance with demand, clinical need and availability of resources.
b) Withhold services due to staff welfare and/or safety.
c) Contact and request Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) and other services to attend emergency cases to mitigate safety concerns to VESA employee and volunteers.
d) Charge full fees to subscribed persons where conditions have been breached.
e) Suspend cover for any subscribed person who has an overdue account and has not made suitable arrangements for payment.
f) Cancel cover for any subscribed person who abuses the scheme through misuse of service.

Emergency response capabilities may be limited or impacted by high demand, geographical/access limitations, pandemics, disasters, weather or any and all unforeseen circumstance that are not able to be mitigated by VESA.

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